What people are saying..
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"I don't wear makeup anymore - just lambchops and sunscreen"


-Deborah, North Vancouver

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"I always order four jars before I head off to Mexico, I just love it!"

- Cindy, Red Deer

"I had to go for minor surgery this year and the nurse asked me my
name and age a minimum of 4 times. She apologized for asking me
so many times because she couldn't believe my age as my face did
not reflect that of a 65 year old. She commented that she was only 50
and that I looked younger than her! Obviously I was flattered,
however, I receive these compliments on a regular basis!"

-Deborah, North Vancouver

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"Ashley does a thorough initial assessment & provides detailed follow up session. I feel she truly cares about me"

-Alexis, Vancouver

"My energy and focus at work have improved greatly. I am getting so much done!"

-Grace, Edmonton

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"Similar to acupuncture (without needles) Ashley measures the body's flow of energy through the cells. This highlights potential problem areas in the organs & immune system. I found this to be an incredible experience that gave me important information about the state of my health"

-Dr. Alex Oskin, M.D, Edmonton

"In addition to my face and neck, my hands and fingernails are
thriving. Age spots on my hands are reduced and my
nails are stronger"

-Deborah, North Vancouver

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"My co-worker said I am one of the healthiest eaters he has worked with! Thank you very much for putting this assessment together and all your investment in me" 

-Blair, Terrace

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I took one of your lifestyle suggestions & went to the pool with my mom. She said that you have really good intuition and thanked me for getting the assessment for her birthday. Great work! 

-Brad, Sunshine Coast

"I was referred to Ashley after one of my family members couldn’t stop
talking about his experience with the body scan. My test warned about some heart issues. This encouraged me to make an appointment with my GP to get some blood work. The blood results were the same! I was grateful Ashley was able to provide insight & a
head start on this serious matter"

-Andy, Edmonton

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"I'm 65 years old and i've been using lambchops cream line for a year. My face is noticeably healthier, less wrinkles and less sunspots"

-Deborah, North Vancouver

"Ashley you are right about the dairy. After eliminating it and adding in a few recovery supplements my sinuses cleared up! It’s working!"

-June, Vancouver

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"Gave mom her evening supplement & drink that you created for her. She loves it!! After only 10 days, with the help of her Doctor, we were able to cut her blood pressure medication in half. Can't wait until she is off of it completely!" 

-Andrea, Vancouver

"I was experiencing constant anxiety, and with help from Ashley I now rarely have any symptoms."

-Elizabeth, Vancouver

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